The Best In Boutique Fitness — At Home.

Unlimited monthly access to all live and 2500+ on-demand classes for less than the cost of one studio fitness class.

Wherever You Are

Just starting out or a fitness fanatic? We've got you covered with 9 class types and a program to meet you where you are.

No equipment required and level up as you get stronger.

Fitness has never been this much fun!

Complete Program Designed For You

All it takes is 28 minutes a day.

Results driven training program including Cardio, Strength & Flexibility.

Variety to keep your body guessing and mind engaged.

Classes Include: Sculpt, Strength, Power, Dance, HIIT, Yoga Sculpt, and Stretch (hello, foam rolling 👋 )


Unlimited access to 14 live classes a day and 2500+ on-demand classes – ALL for less than the cost of one studio fitness class.


Get To Know Our Members

A community to keep you motivated and lifestyle content & talks to keep you inspired.

NYC's Best Instructors In Your Living Room

Meet your crew


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