5 Easy Post Workout Eats, On the Go

by Sammi Haber Brondo, MS, RD

 obé member Sammi Haber Brondo is always on the quest for healthy post workout eats as she takes the nutrition world by storm. Follow her obé journey on @veggiesandchocolate and learn more about her practice on www.nutritionworksny.com – below, we snagged her top snack tips! 

You just crushed your favorite obé class – now what? To replenish glycogen stores that are used in exercise and build muscle after a workout, it’s best to have a meal or snack that contains both carbohydrates and protein. Ideally, this should be eaten about 30 minutes after your workout.  But, whether it’s morning and you’re rushing to shower, or after work and you’re just hangry, there’s not always time for a gourmet meal immediately after a workout. Instead, use the carb + protein formula for some of these super simple and nutritious post workout eats.

Peanut butter toast

Nothing could be easier than a slice or two of toast.  Grab a slice of whole wheat, sprouted grain, Ezekiel or sourdough bread and spread some peanut butter on top for protein.  If you’re feeling fancy, toppings like cinnamon, honey or hemp seeds are an easy way to elevate this quick snack.

Greek yogurt with berries

I’m a huge fan of Greek yogurt post morning workout because it’s so portable – it’s easy to throw in your bag and eat at your desk.  Greek yogurt has both protein and carbs (plus gut healthy probiotics!); add some berries or other fruit for additional carbs and flavor.  I usually recommend a 2% Greek yogurt – it has enough fat to make it taste good and keep you full, without having too much saturated fat.

Green smoothie

Whether you’re at a workout studio that has a smoothie bar or you’re making one at home, a smoothie can be an easy, on-the-go way to get in those essential nutrients post workout. Use this formula to make a nutritious and perfectly-sized smoothie: add 1 cup of greens (spinach or kale) for micronutrients, 1 cup of fruit for healthy carbs, 1 tablespoon of nut butter or 1 scoop of collagen for protein, and almond milk to blend. 

Hummus and crackers

Want something a little more savory after your workout?  Hummus with crackers is a perfect, easy way to get that carb + protein combo in. I love Kashi, Wasa, or Mary’s Gone crackers. They each have some fiber too, which helps make your snack extra filling.

Banana with almond butter

The ultimate in easy – a banana with almond butter has everything you could want in a post workout snack.  Throw a banana in your bag, and grab a single serving packet of almond butter for convenience (both Justin’s and Nuttzo make great ones!).  Literal fast food at its finest.

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