Working Out At Home (With Your Little Ones!)

by team obé

Working out from home has more perks than we can count and one of the most popular is getting to stay home with the little ones. We crowd sourced some of our mama-members’ top tips for balancing baby & obé below.

1. Get your workouts in early or take class during nap time.

Try getting up before your kids to get your sweat in while they sleep. If you live in a small space and are worried about the noise waking them up, use a white noise machine in their room to help dampen the sound or even workout on a kids play mat (also great for your joints). If your kids are up too early, take advantage of nap time! 

2. Find activities to keep them busy.

Set-up a fun activity that will keep them occupied – coloring, Play-Doh, reading or building blocks all work! 

While it might not be ideal, screen time works. 

3. Workout during meal time 

If you have a younger child, meal time is great workout time! Keep them busy with some snacks and workout right beside them. They’ll enjoy your little show (…while happily confined to a chair 😝). 

4. The obé game 

Turn your workout into a fun game! Give your child a territory that is hot lava and tell them to stay away – ex: the bedroom carpet is off limits.  You workout and they feel like Indiana Jones! 

6. Have them workout with you

If you have older kids, get them involved! Working out with your kids is not only a great example, it’s an amazing bonding experience & memory you’ll always cherish. Be sure to keep an eye out for our themed classes which are so much fun with the littles (like Beauty & The Beast & Moana to name a few!).

 7. Take advantage of Express!

Our Express library is full of 10 minute classes that, when taken throughout the day, add up to a full obé workout! Take a quick Express arms class during nap time, a 10-minute HIIT class during meal time and end the day with a quick stretch or foam roll during bed time. Voila – you have a full body workout! 

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