Outside the Box With NYC obé Member Jackie Stauffer

by team obé

What inspired you to join the obé fam? 

My life is hectic! I founded my company, RECESS, last spring and every day is different for me. I frequently run around Manhattan from meeting to events and back to meetings, and I’m not always able to get to a workout class I want given my ever-changing schedule. obé has been a lifesaver helping me squeeze in awesome effective workouts, no matter where my day takes me, and yes, I’m even sore the next day which I love! 

What’s your favorite thing about obé? 

I love the variety. I’ve done so many different classes, and sometimes I’ll do 3 10-minute classes back to back. I can really listen to my body and my mood and pick something that works for me in that moment!

What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to stick to them?

Fitness is just as much “mind” as it is “body” for me. My schedule is always nuts and inconsistent week to week, so my goal is to workout at least 4 times/week and I schedule those workouts in my calendar to make sure I stick to it. obé is an amazing option to have especially on the days where I want a great workout, but am super crunched for time.

Anything else the obé fam should know about you?

I’m all about balance. I find there to be a lot of discussion around extremes lately, especially around trends, and I’m in the camp of balance and consistency. From diet, to sleep, to fitness, to true preventative health care habits, I think when you get into extremes is when you’re actually not “well”. Self-care starts with being self-aware. Know yourself, know what you need, know your limits and do your best to listen 🙂 

What’s your IG handle, so we can all follow your obé journey? 

@jackie.stauffer (and follow her awesome company at @myrecess.co)

What’s something you’re currently obséssed with?

Sweatshirts. I’ve unofficially started a collection from all my favorite fitness brands including obé!! 

Which class are we most likely to hear your name?

Sculpt or really any Define classes! 

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