#BTS With Kat Ellis

by team obé

What are 3 things members can expect to take away from your class? 

Sweat, Sweat, Sweat. You’re welcome in advance. 

What’s your typical morning routine? What time do you wake up and how do you like to start your day? 

I usually wake up between 5 and 5:30am, and then typically start my day with personal training sessions. I have an almond milk latte addiction, so I always make sure to grab one either before I start training or when I get my first break. Consumption is vital (trust me!). 

Beauty product you can’t live without, between class and sweaty selfies? 

A facial mist. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone, so a calming lavender or rose spray prevents my skin from breaking out in between classes. My favorite right now is Evan Healy’s Lavender Hydrosol. It smells amazing, and the bottles always have positive affirmations on their labels which I love.

Go-to healthy snacks while on the go or pre/post workout? 

Rx Bars. They are the only thing I’ve come across that contain simple ingredients, and they are great if I have a crazy day and don’t have time to sit down and eat. 

Favorite restaurant and go to order? 

This is like choosing children! By a close margin, I’d have to say Coppelia. It’s a Mexican diner on 14th street that’s open at all hours, and their food, specifically the huevos rancheros, and the margaritas are incredible. 

Favorite self-care routine or ways to unwind? 

I’m a huge book warm, and reading in a quiet coffee shop helps me relax and take a much needed break from electronics. 

You have a day off – what are you doing? 

Sleeping and cooking. My boyfriend got me Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook Cravings for Christmas last year and our favorite thing is to cook recipes from it on our days off. 

Dream destination for your next vacay? 

Oh boy. I’d love to go to Greece. I’ve never been and everyone I know who has been there says it’s a must see. 

What 5 items are in your bag at all times? 

Deodorant. My No Bull trainers. A couple resistance bands. Water. Some kind of snack (either an RX bar, some nuts, or some fruit).

What inspires you most every day to get up and move? 

I love how I feel after I’m done training. Even if I’m not in the mood or if it’s a workout I know is going to be grueling, once I’m done, I feel accomplished, empowered, and ready to handle anything that comes my way. 

Current mantra? 

Start before you’re ready. 


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