#BTS With Madelaine O’Connell

by team obé

What are 3 things members can expect to take away from your class?

Energy, positivity, encouragement!

What’s your typical morning routine? What time do you wake up and how do you like to start your day?

I am part of the #6amcrew so I’m up at either 4:45am or 5:45am to teach class at obé or in the city. I start my day by drinking an entire bottle of water before I teach – hydration is so key!

Beauty product you can’t live without, between class and sweaty selfies?

@cocoandkind lip balm and Chanel mascara (it’s not as expensive as you think!). 

Go-to healthy snacks while on the go or pre/post workout?

Dark chocolate chip protein muffins! I make them every week! 

Favorite restaurant and go to order?

Charlie Bird – Farro Salad or Cacio e Pepe.

Favorite self-care routine or ways to unwind?

I love facials! When I’m home I do a face mask while having a glass or white wine, which is my favorite way to unwind.

You have a day off – what are you doing?

Working out still (ha!) and then laying on a beach with some sort of cocktail in hand! 

If you meant in the city: I can’t remember the last time I had a day off, but working out still (I can’t live without it!), getting a facial, cleaning my apartment and doing some work for @sweatsandbalances – then going to a fun dinner with friends or family! 

Dream destination for your next vacay?

Maldives or Southern Italy! 

What 5 items are in your bag at all times?

Sneakers, workout outfit, makeup bag, sunglasses, perfume!

What inspires you most every day to get up and move?

Getting to workout and meet amazing and empowering women everyday! It’s also that feeling I get after – more energy, more focus, more determination and all around just gets me ready for the day!  

Current mantra? 

#allinfullout both in & out of the studio!


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