#BTS With Michelle Brugal

by team obé

What are 3 things members can expect to take away from your class?

Movement confidence, proper form, musicality – always a smile!

What’s your typical morning routine? What time do you wake up and how do you like to start your day?

When I have an early class/clients I’m up by 5:30am and usually focus on getting out the door with out forgetting anything I need for the day. I try to grab a coffee/tea and small bite before my session starts. Other days I wake up around 7am and have breakfast at home with my fiancé. I love morning quality time with him! 

Beauty product you can’t live without, between class and sweaty selfies?

I am not a products girl by any means. I try to keep it low maintenance. For hair I stick to all Deva Curl products, for body; organic coconut oil, and for face; Kiehl’s daily reviving and midnight recovery oils. In between class and sweaty selfies; good ol’ cold water!

Go-to healthy snacks while on the go or pre/post workout?

An apple a day! A handful of almonds or a juice/smoothie.

Favorite restaurant and go to order?

Cafe Habana in Soho. That Cuban Sandwich!! You can take the girl out of Miami….

Favorite self-care routine or ways to unwind?

Massage. Any kind. Anywhere. Someone please just squeeze my muscles 🙂

You have a day off – what are you doing?

If I’m feeling tired/stressed – stay home. Netflix, cook, clean (cleaning is very cathartic for me!). If I’m feeling adventurous – a museum, Broadway show, film or walking around NYC exploring new places and people watching. If I need recovery/alone time – YOGA! I love the obé Restorative Stretch classes! 

Dream destination for your next vacay?


What 5 items are in your bag at all times?

Lip balm, iPhone charger, snack (usually almonds), too many random napkins and tissues for “just in case,” iPhone/iPad for music/playlisting

What inspires you most every day to get up and move?

Dance is movement and movement is life. I can’t remember not ever feeling better after moving/dancing/stretching in some kind of way. It’s always been my passion, my calling and my money maker. I cant imagine my life without it and even on days off I find some way to get my fix 🙂

Current mantra?

Anything is possible.



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