#BTS With the Rickey Sisters

by team obé

What are 3 things members can expect to take away from your class?

Sore abs from laughing, sore booty from twerking and a confident & glowing #sweatyselfie!

What inspires you most every day to get up and move?

Can’t have my sister looking better than me! 🤣

What’s your typical morning routine? What time do you wake up and how do you like to start your day?

Alyssa: I usually make or grab a cup of coffee before heading to the office. If I have a day off, sleep is my best friend.

Sammy: I like to wake up early so that I’m never rushing. That gives me time to answer emails, make breakfast & do my morning skincare routine (ladies, always make time for your morning skincare routine!) 

Go-to healthy snacks while on the go or pre/post workout?

Sweetgreen Salads– the Mexican Corn Elote bowl is our favorite! 

Favorite self-care routine or ways to unwind?

Facemasks & One Tree Hill binging. We love the Glam Glow Super Mud 

What 5 items are in your bag at all times?

Alyssa: Chapstick, deodorant, my local coffee shop punch card & my ID because I still feel 17

Sammy: Take 5 gum, Cocoa Butter chap stick, hand sanitizer, nail file, EmergenC (I’m definitely a hypochondriac)

 Current mantra?

“May the flowers remind you why the rain was necessary” 




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