Bio: Chris is trained as a dancer, and he knows just about everything about fitness. His HIIT and define classes will get you strong and lean, and you’ll never lose sight of a good beat during his workouts. Chris is old-school sassy: he knows how to keep you in the zone with his peppy spirit. He’ll encourage you to reach for 100% of what you’ve got. For Chris, movement and exercise is the gateway to his best self, and years in the business have taught him that the key to fitness is through self-contentment. He works out to get that inner balance, knowing that the outside will follow suit.

Level Up Strength with 3-5lb hand weights & resistance loops

Sweat: High Intensity Interval Training, designed to take you through quick, intense cardio bursts followed by short recovery periods, allowing you to burn more fat in less time.

Define: Build full-body strength through dynamic, functional movements. 


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