How to Plan an obé Meet-Up

by Jenna Pitocco

One of our favorite parts about obé is the close knit community that has grown all across the country. This year, one of obé’s OG member, Jenna P., organized the first ever obé meetup which was such a hit, she planned two more! 

We caught up with Jenna to get her expert tips for organizing your own member meetup near you – you’ll never regretting sweating it out #IRL with the names you hear in class every single day!

Here are some general pointers when planning an obé meet-up!

  1. Promote! I always create an event within the private Facebook group; that gets anyone who’s in your area aware of the get-together. I also love promoting through my personal Instagram stories because it’s a way for those who haven’t done obé to try it for the very first time.
  2. Choose a location that’s central to your area. In NYC, I try to choose locations in Manhattan knowing people are coming from north, south, and Brooklyn. I use a website called peerspace.com which is essentially Airbnb for studios by the hour.
  3. With that said, the location needs certain requirements. Wifi, speakers, and visual aids of some sort. Luckily, I have a projector that’s easy to transport and I plug my computer into that and the speakers. Get there ahead of time to set things up without feeling rushed.
  4. Keep in mind you’ll need to remind people to bring props/equipment if they want to level up. This, of course, is if you’re at a location that won’t have any available. This past time, I had a yoga studio rented which provided mats, but people could bring weights and bands if they wanted to #levelup!
  5. Keep communication open. The more they know, the easier it is to have people come through. Expect people might be a little late or need directions or whatever the situation is. So, even though I’m working out, I keep my phone by me during my workout to make sure if someone has a question, I’m able to respond ASAP.
  6. Plan far enough in advance to keep everything as organized as possible!

Follow Jenna at @peachiebeepy to see when the next NYC meet-up will be! 


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