Introducing Isaac C.

by team obé

We are so excited to introduce Isaac C. to the obé fam! Isaac has trained and worked with superstars in TV/Film, Broadway & music including the likes of Ariana Grande, Kelly Ripa, Priyanka Chopra & Faye Dunaway to name a few (casually picking up all the names we just dropped 😜).

Be sure to tune in LIVE for Isaac’s Dance & Sculpt classes on Wednesdays at 1pm EST & Saturdays at 11am EST or catch him on Replay! Curious to learn more about Isaac? We got the #BTS dish below!

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I’m originally from Hawaii and moved to NYC when I was 17 (which feels like a lifetime ago!) to be on Broadway. I was very lucky and blessed enough to fulfill that dream – I was on Broadway for 10 years in hit shows like Mama Mia, West Side Story, Hair and more!

From Broadway, I began choreographing for some of the top popstars in the business like Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea. I would always start our choreography sessions with a warm-up which soon turned into a workout and the next thing I knew I was hired to become their trainers!

What are you most excited to share with the obé fam?

I’m just excited to be a PART of the obé fam. I love the idea of being able to bring what I do in New York, the Hamptons and LA to the entire country. Everyone has the desire & the right to be healthy, motivated and get moving – wherever you are!

What are 3 things members can expect to take away from your class?

A hot ass (🤷‍♂️). I do find that all of my clients leave their workout feeling not only tighter, leaner and stronger, but also more focused. Your fitness routine seeps into all other aspects of your life – you make clearer decisions after a great workout.

Beauty product you can’t live without, between class and sweaty selfies?

The MDNA skin rose mist – rose water is so refreshing & is great pre or post workout. It’s the best lightweight moisturizer and really hydrates your skin. This one from Mario Badescu is another favorite (and is only $7!).

Go-to healthy snacks while on the go or pre/post workout?

I love a good green juice! JuicePress is one of my daily go-tos. I love the Dr. Green Juice or the Love at First Sight. I find that they give me a ton of energy without feeling too full. I work out all day, so they also replenish my energy & essential electrolytes.

If you could have dinner with one person who would it be and where would you go?

Marie Antoinette at Versailles, of course 👑 (…but maybe with Chef Matsuhisa from Nobu. I love sushi, and don’t think they had that there, lol!)

What 5 items are in your bag at all times?

Rose water spray 


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (oldie, but goodie!)

Extra pair of tights & sweats for the next workout

Vaseline which I actually use as hand lotion!

What inspires you most every day to get up and move?

My clients! The people who I connect with and train with. It’s inspiring to me every day and I know I can’t let them down – that’s what keeps me curious & creative. This idea that we’re all on this journey together is beyond inspiring. My clients train me as much as I train them (which will continue to be the case with my new obé fam!)

Current mantra?

More is more!

Anything else the obé fam should know about you?

You’ll have to wait and find out 😜 Find Isaac on Instagram at @isaacboots 

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