Another body-sculpting fitness expert, Mary has been dancing her whole life, and is a top-tier athlete. Named the Top All-American Dancer, Mary knows what it takes to whip your body into dancer shape—long, lean, and flexible. But she also knows how to make a killer circuit and body-sculpting class. Somehow, she does it all with a Nebraska cool-girl vibe. She has a true passion for wellness and doing good for the body, and knows how to put together a crazy good workout with a little shake of dance and a whole lot of HIIT. Fun fact, Mary is one of the top four CitiBikers in NYC, with over 2,000 miles logged! Tune into her energy-filled classes; you’ll see for yourself just how contagious her love of movement is.

Level Up Sculpt with 1-3lb hand weights & resistance loops

Sweat: High Intensity Interval Training, designed to take you through quick, intense cardio bursts followed by short recovery periods, allowing you to burn more fat in less time.

Define: Tone, lengthen and sculpt your body with creative exercise sequencing aimed at fatiguing each muscle group.


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