A California native, former musical theatre actress, and NASM certified personal trainer, Melody has trained at various New York fitness facilities in methods including dance cardio, urban rebounding, rowing, and the Megaformer. She is also pre/post-natal certified and even used this training to stay fit through a pregnancy of her own!  When not running, dancing, or burpee-ing (her fave!), she can be found having adventures with her toddler Maggie, snuggling her terrier, Skooter, or watching HGTV with her husband, Eli. Melody wants every obé member to feel their best and discover the joy of healthy movement that has been her lifes passion: All In, Full Out!

Level Up Power with 8-10lb hand weights

Sweat: High Intensity Interval Training, designed to take you through quick, intense cardio bursts followed by short recovery periods, allowing you to burn more fat in less time.

Define: Take your strength training to the next level using 8-10lb weights as you move through muscle-building circuits. We recommend taking 3 strength classes before trying Power.


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