obé Talk with Plant-Based Girl Bosses, Whitney Tingle & Danielle Duboise of Sakara

by team obé

“Use food to build a body you feel really good in, then make sure you go out and really enjoy it. Eat clean, play dirty.” 

The preface of Whitney Tingle & Danielle Duboise’s new book, Eat Clean, Play Dirty is a message we can fully get behind – eat well, get your workouts in, but most importantly, enjoy life! We tapped the two plant-based girl bosses and founders of Sakara (a New York-based meal delivery service that provides clean & plant-forward meals directly to your doorstep) to tell us more about the benefits of moving towards a plant-based life. Catch our Coffee Talk & find their tricks of the trade below! 


  • Eating plant-based doesn’t mean fully going vegan – the Sakara way of life is about adding a variety of plants into your diet in any way you can! Think of adding greens into your morning smoothie, some steamed veggies in your lunch salad and some sautéd spinach with your dinner. And if you’re craving a slice of pizza, no biggie! Add on some arugula which will even help your gut better digest your well-deserved cheat.
  • Plant-based doesn’t equal expensive! Shop at your local farmer’s market & shop in season – a baked sweet potato with some coconut oil (healthy fat!) will keep you satiated and costs you less than your average meal out. 
  • Eating clean, plant-rich foods will help improve all other areas of your life – your sleep, your workout, your skin, we could go on! Whitney combat chronic cystic acne simply by adding more nutrient and antioxidant rich veggies into her diet. Sign us up!
  • Listen to your body above all else! While pregnant, Danielle ate a bagel when she needed & wanted a bagel. Your body will always tell you exactly what it needs so don’t ever feel guilty for listening.
  • Celebrate your body, don’t punish it! Food should be a form of self-care & self-love and when eating plant-based you can eat high volumes of food! The Sakara way isn’t a diet or a means of restricting yourself – limit the idea of removing foods & think more about adding in foods that make you feel your best.
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