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Runners, welcome 🏃🏼‍♀️!

At obé we’re all about getting up and moving in any way that makes you feel like your best you. We have an incredible community of runners within the obé fam who rely on our classes to maximize their runs AND their results.

Sarah G. is helping Massachusetts obé member, Keelin Hodgkins DiMario, train for the upcoming NYC Half-Marathon (which they are BOTH running on March 17th!). We tapped Sarah and Keelin for some pointers on incorporating running into a current obé routine and the incredible results they’ve experienced from doing so.

Runners are already getting a ton of cardio in, so I recommend sticking with a strength focused obé regimen. Sculpt, Strength, Power, and Restorative Stretching classes are beyond important! Runners often lack the cool down/stretching aspect that helps with recovery. Self myofascial release, or foam rolling, will also help with recovery. Be sure to check out our Express classes – ranging from Stretch to Foam Rolling – which are great add ons, post run!
Running a half marathon is not something your body can really handle without proper strength training. After connecting directly with Keelin over social media (the obé fam is REAL!), she’s now taking more Strength & Sculpt, classes to help her work the proper muscles to get her through her training runs. 
– Add Express classes when time permits on your run days, just after you get in those miles! Switch between Foam Rolling & Stretching, but feel free to add in an Express abs, booty or arms class if you’re feeling it!

– On your days off from running, take a 28-minute Define class (Strength, Sculpt or Power!) to strengthen your muscles and maximize your next run. If you want to try a different form of cardio, add in a HIIT class – switching up your cardio routine will also help target & strengthen different muscle groups.


Tell us more about how you are training for a half marathon and the obé classes you rely on. How do you mix them up with your runs?

I run 3 days a week and on the days I’m not running I do obé. I’ve been doing Sculpt, Strength, Circuit and Dance classes. Post run I usually do an Express abs or butt class to work on glute and core strength which are both SUPER important for runners. The obé classes incorporate all of the classic strength moves runners are always told to do, but usually don’t!

obé has helped SO much with my training/running! All of my past running injuries have been a result of not strength training and stretching properly. obé has me doing more strength training and stretching in the last 6 months than I’ve done in the last 6 years! The foam roller that’s been collecting dust? It’s finally being used regularly! The quality of my runs has greatly improved, and I’m not having the issues that I usually do with my hip and glute. Post run I’m no longer half-heartedly stretching for a couple minutes (and that’s being generous). I’m starting to see my times drop, so I’m curious to see what happens on 3/17!

What do you love about obé?

I love the flexibility! I can work out at any time, and anywhere! I was in Costa Rica in December and did classes from my hotel patio.  obé has the BEST crew of trainers. They’re inspiring, motivating, and deeply vested in bringing out the best in you. I love the community that I “work out with” and have gotten to know some really amazing individuals through the online obé Private Facebook group – we’ve all become each other’s cheerleaders!

Which class are we most likely to hear your name?

You’ll hear my name at the Alter of Walter, or with Katie & Peter on the weekend. Sometimes I try and squeeze Mary’s 6am class in during a weekday. I love my “Keekee” shout outs during class! Walter’s saying, “push through it, to get to it”, has been a huge driving force through my training. I love Sarah’s classes too because we’re both training for the same race! I’m looking forward to being able to hang more “live” with Sarah, Madelaine, Melody and Tiff after March.

Tell us more about Project Purple and how other obé members can get involved!

Project Purple is a pancreatic cancer non-profit whose mission is to fund critical research for pancreatic cancer with an emphasis on early detection. They are also the number one provider of patient financial aid, and last year they awarded $1.37 million in research grants. Every 86 seconds someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and in 2020 it is forecasted to become the #2 cancer killer. It has only a 9% five year survival rate and receives just 5% of the funds allocated by the government for cancer research. Organizations like Project Purple are critical in the fight against this disease.

Project Purple was founded by Dino Verrelli, who lost his father to pancreatic cancer in 2011. Dino made a promise to his father to keep fighting this horrible disease, and is a testament to honoring your word. At a post-race celebration for the NYC Half in 2014 (my first race for Project Purple), Dino give such an impassioned speech about never giving up the fight that I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to support him and Project Purple. I’ve ran every year for them ever since, and have been brought on as an ambassador for the charity.

My why is my Aunt Cassie, a two times breast cancer survivor diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer in February of 2009, and passed just four months later. While she was dying my Aunt said to me “never let me become just another picture on the wall”. Project Purple and their mission have allowed me the ability to keep her fighting spirit alive and fight back against something I previously felt powerless and hopeless over. Last year Cassie’s husband was diagnosed with Stave IV pancreatic cancer and passed 29 days later the morning I ran the 2018 NYC Half for him. That further solidified my resolve to support Project Purple and reminded me why early detection is so critical.

I would love to see some of my obé fam get involved! Project Purple has running, hiking, and various other events across the country. My next races for them are in Chicago in May & September if anyone would like to join me! NYC Marathon applications will be opening soon as well.

You can find out more about Project Purple by going to www.projectpurple.orgor you can reach out to me via social media. I have met some of the most incredible people because of this organization, and many have become like family. Nothing compares to making your miles matter and running for those who can’t!

What keeps you motivated every day?

Project Purple founder Dino Verrelli says “work harder it’s not chemo” – that about sums it up. I have the gift of life, and every day I’m motivated to give everything I have because I’m lucky enough to be here vertical and breathing. Through Project Purple I hear stories of individuals facing unimaginable battles, so to give anything less than my best isn’t an option for me. My “worst” day pales in comparison to what those battling cancer face. I’m an energetic, positive, humorous person, but there was a time I battled debilitating depression and anxiety. Positive thoughts weren’t always easy to come by and I don’t ever want ever want to be in that dark place again. No matter how bad I feel, I get up and run because it shows me that no matter what you can always move forward. Forward to a cure for pancreatic cancer, forward through grief, forward through depression and anxiety, forward towards an unimaginable goal, forward to your best self! My idol Rocky says it best “life ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.

What’s your IG handle, so we can all follow your obé journey?


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