Outside of the Box with Northern New Jersey Member Anna Devine

by Team obé

What inspired you to join the obé fam?

I’m someone who is literally always going at 100 mph. I’m constantly in & out of New York City for various freelancing jobs, hanging out with friends, or traveling with my boyfriend who is in a band. Usually I’ll start a fitness routine and then grow bored of it or won’t be able to keep it consistent because my schedule is always so different day-to-day. When I found out about obé, I had a feeling that the different types of workouts as well as the flexibility in schedule would be great for me. Turns out, I was right! 

What’s your favorite thing about obé?

It’s so hard to choose! I love everything from the human sunshine instructors to the beautiful way workouts are presented. Mostly, though, I love the community. Recently I posted in the Facebook group about my struggles with anorexia and body image. I had finally taken a picture in a little bikini that I loved and had to share it with the people who made it possible! I was FLOORED at the responses, so positive and proud. I’ve never met any of these people in real life, but we are definitely like a little family that’s constantly motivating and there for each other. 

What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to stick to them?

My fitness goals are simply to stay consistent. I do obé a minimum of 3 times a week, even if sometimes it’s just an express class. I make it a part of my lifestyle to fit workouts in whenever I can. The increase in strength in both my body and mind are all the motivation I need to keep coming back to class regularly. It’s part of who I am now! 

What’s something you’re currently obséssed with?

Anything and everything vintage! I recently started my own depop / instagram shop called Devine One Vintage (@devineonevintage) where I curate and sell vintage clothing of all types. It’s not only stylish, but incredibly sustainable (so you’re helping the planet while looking super chic). I love clothing with a story behind it, that makes you look different from every other person in the same over-produced style.

Which class are we most likely to hear your name?

Because of my schedule I’m almost always on Replay, but I LIVE for Katie L’s Dance cardio. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the worst mood, she always has me smiling and feeling positivity through the screen. I would say her classes are about 75% of my obé routine. They’re truly what helped me stay consistent in the beginning which was so important to me. 

Anything else you want the the obé fam to know?

Just that I am incredibly thankful for all of you, and would love to get to know & talk to each and every one of you!

You can follow Anna’s obé journey on IG at @adevineone

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