Outside the Box with California Member Erica O.

by team obé

Where are you from? What do you do?

I’m originally from a small town in Northern California, but I’ve been in the Bay Area my entire adult life and currently live in Oakland, CA.

I’m the Academic Scheduler and Registrar for an independent high school in San Francisco.

What inspired you to join the obé fam? (give us a snap shot of your life + how you fit your workouts in!)

I’m a working mother with two small children, ages 5 and 7. This past year I took a position at a school that required me to commute (an hour there and almost an hour and a half home). That time I used to dedicate to my boutique studio classes, like Lagree and traditional Pilates, was now spent in my car. I ended up only going to classes on the weekends and my peace of mind and health really suffered. I came across an Instagram ad for obé and decided to do the seven day trial. By day two or three I had signed up for a membership. Last month with the Pilates challenge, I went ahead and committed to the annual membership! I’m now able to do 5am classes before my boys wake up and get going or on-demand in the evening after we tuck them in. I try to workout for a full hour, but I know that if I only have time for one class I am still getting an intense, well-curated session.

What’s your favorite thing about obé? 

I have so many favorite things about obé…I love the quality of the classes. I’ve taught Pilates and am a veteran boutique fitness studio client. I was skeptical that I would be able to get the challenging workout and community online that came with the last studio I was a member of, but I was pleasantly surprised that obé was able to deliver on both. obé classes are just as, if not more, challenging as any of the classes I’ve been taking for the past 10 years. I love the variety of classes and instructors. It feels like there is someone for every personality. I love the affordability. I appreciate how obé is always evolving and listening to their clients’ needs and wants. And most importantly, I love that it’s on my time. I don’t have to choose between my family and my health because you can schedule your workouts around your life. But I do have to say that my absolute favorite thing about obé is Walter! My kids love him too!

What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to stick to them?

Short term, I have a 20 year high school reunion that I’m gearing up for and of course want to present my best self at. Long term, I want the flexibility, strength, and agility I had before kids (which will likely come with shedding some extra pounds). I want to be able to not only keep up with my boys, but model a healthy lifestyle so they understand how important it is to set time aside to take care of yourself. I can’t lie, looser jeans and moving on to a tighter belt notch are great motivators, but how I feel when I’m consistent with my workouts motivates me. I sleep better, I’m in a better mood, I make more mindful choices around food. 

What’s something you’re currently obséssed with? (can be anything! food, fashion, music, beauty!)

My best friend and I are obsessed with skin care. We try to schedule a dinner date once a month and always bring each other samples of products we’ve tried and love. I’m a big fan of the Ordinary products, Sunday Riley Good Genes, anything with hyaluronic acid in it, and sleeping in sheet masks (it sounds crazy, but try it!). I’m also currently obsessed with Ari Lennox and the band Lion Babe, Trader Joe’s honey goat cheese, and Walter’s dance HIIT class. 

Which class are we most likely to hear your name?

You’re most likely to hear a shout out for me in anything Walter does. I also love when Mary and Tiffani teach weekday classes at 5am West Coast time and try to catch them on the weekends.

Anything else you want the the obé fam to know?

I am so grateful for obé. I’ve been telling all of my girlfriends that it has been a complete game changer for me. As a former collegiate athlete and someone who always made my health a priority, I was so discouraged that I wasn’t able to balance that with my new job. Obé has helped me be mindful about my well-being again.

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