Outside the Box with Delray Beach, Florida obé Member Heather Palmer

by team obé

What inspired you to join the obé fam?

I have always wanted to be the person who works out on the regular, but, gyms and working out in front of other people always gave me major anxiety. I always felt like I would be judged for being the tomato red girl in the corner with the heavy breathing. Because of that, I knew at home workouts would be best for me, but I’m a perfectionist and total Type A  and need guidance (otherwise… how will I ever know I if I am doing it right?). I attempted to search for workouts on Pinterest or Google, but since there was no “regimen” or accountability, I would only keep up with them for a few days.

Then I discovered obé through Katie Lee’s Instagram. I saw her post quite a few stories of her workouts and thought “those seem challenging, but doable.” Then I just decided to sign-up for the trial and I actually just watched Kathryn’s live 6am dance class that morning and thought “wow, that energy – I need this!.” I loved that there were so many different types of workouts and instructors – constant variety! It was everything I was looking for in a brightly colored box! I finally found the class structure I always wanted but could finally do it in the privacy of my home. I was hooked before my trial was even over!

A lot of mornings I take a live 6am class, which is my favorite. I love being able to get my workout in first thing (which BTW, I never thought I could be a morning workout person!). On days when I can’t fit in my workout in the morning, I usually do them as soon as I get home from work. I hype myself up during the day, check in with the private Facebook group for motivation, and then on the car ride home I try to decide which instructor I feel like “hanging” out with. On days when I am not necessarily feeling a workout after work I tell myself “it is only 28 minutes… you can spare it!” The structure of the classes and the length of them make it a no brainer! 9 times out of 10 the workout is over before I even realize it! Then those obé endorphins kick in! I also never thought I would look forward to taking a selfie, let alone one of me sweaty and beat red. Now I live for my sweaty selfie (which are often accompanied by one of my little fur babies!)!

What’s your favorite thing about obé? 

The positivity and support!! I never thought such a positive atmosphere could exist before I found obé. Every single instructor shows up with so much energy and good vibes. But it isn’t in a fake way – they are genuinely happy to be there and to workout with all of us. They are so inspiring and I love that every single one of them will admit if they had a bad day or, even more so, if they were not necessarily feeling like a workout that day. They don’t try to fake this perfect, fitness persona that a lot of instructors fall into. I also love the obé family on Facebook. I have discovered an amazing group of people from all kinds of backgrounds that show up day after day with stories of trials and victories and turn around and offer each other support, advice, and cheers to their fellow members. I honestly look forward to every single post from the group and have grown to appreciate a level of camaraderie I never knew existed! I can be a pretty introverted person and sometimes it is hard for me to let people in. That wall is completely down with this group and it is so freeing!

What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to stick to them?

I truly just want to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The biggest thing that keeps me accountable is the FB group. When I see all these different people showing up day after day regardless of busy work and/or home schedules I know I have no excuse. Also, the results have become a big motivator for me. Seeing areas that have become more toned or defined makes me want to keep up the progress and hard work!

What’s something you’re currently obsessed with?

I am a big Food Network girl. I also love collecting cookbooks and then trying out new recipes/ attempting to create my own! Also… face masks!

Which class are we most likely to hear your name?

 Mary’s 6am class on Wednesdays! #wednesdayswithwolff are my fav! 

Tell us one fun fact about you!

I’m not a crier! During my wedding I laughed during the whole ceremony (while my hubs totally teared up)! I love a good dance party, even though I probably look like a fool doing it! I never had road rage until moving to South Florida. Now I declare someone is the “worst driver ever” about 30 times per commute. I will also try any food at least once – I may never eat it again, but at least I can say I tried it!

Follow Heather’s obé journey at @hpalmer10– get ready for food and fur baby posts!

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