Outside the Box with obé Member Lauren Sharpe

by team obé

Where do you currently live

I currently live in Philadelphia, PA!

What inspired you to join the obé fam? 

I am a nutritionist for a non-profit known as WIC and my hours are 8am-4pm. Very normal hours, but with Instagram being my “side hustle” I really need my workout to fit into my day seamlessly.  On days where I just don’t want to think about working out or want to get my workout in first thing in the morning obé is perfect! I can get up, not have to take the time to get anywhere and…even workout in my pajamas! I feel like I am always busy with something outside of work and I love having obé as my safety net. You can always make excuses like “I don’t have time to get to the gym” or “I don’t know what to do for a home workout,” but with obé there is literally no excuse! Plus the workouts are so FUN.

What’s your favorite thing about obé?

I love that it helps me to not make any excuses. It is always available and the workouts are QUALITY. These are top NYC trainers and there is truly no other service with such amazing trainers and such effective workouts.

What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to stick to them?

I always have different goals. The past month I have been trying to cut down on alcohol and get in 5-6 workouts a week rather than 3-4. I have been successful and it feels so good! I am motivated by how good I feel after a workout and as much as people say body goals shouldn’t be your motivation, you know everyone is thinking about it…let’s be real people.

What’s your IG handle, so we can all follow your obé journey?

@loandlemons – I share all my nutrition tips, meal prep, yummy healthified treats and my whole life, unfiltered!

What’s something you’re currently obséssed with? 

Other than obé? Hu Chocolate, Bewell facial oil, and my new teddy coat from Shein.com

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