Outside the Box with obé Member Natasha Johnson

by team obé

Where do you currently live?

I currently reside in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

What inspired you to join the obé fam? 

I am a Pilates’ Instructor and NASM CPT/PES and love to look for fitness inspiration on Instagram! I came across Megan Roup’s Instagram account around the time obé was launching their Beta testing. I was very fortunate to be able to participate in that trial period and fell in love with the workouts and am still an active member today! As someone that works in the fitness industry, ironically enough it’s sometimes hard to fit in my own workouts. What I love about obé is that I can stream the workout right from my living room before I head off to teach my classes. It helps get me in the right mindset for the day and I am constantly inspired by the amazing trainers obé features! Sometimes I even sneak some of the moves into my own classes! Kathryn Avery’s planks and Megan Roup’s legs series get me every time!

What’s your favorite thing about obé? 

Besides the amazing workouts and instructors, I really love the music playlists on obé! The music just pumps me up and helps get my energy up for the day! There is always some awesome mix that leaves me wondering “where can I find that song?”. I think the extra attention to detail and the coordination of the moves to the music is so key in really setting the electric atmosphere of each workout!

What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to stick to them?

I think a lot of us just want to stay in shape or work more in depth on toning a certain part of our body. Can you say lift that booty anyone?! Ha! A big part of fitness for me is just exercising to help with my energy levels. I work what feels like 24/7 and it’s easy to get drained both physically and mentally. I find that exercise really helps regulate my mood and energy and that helps me be stronger in other aspects of my life. What I also love about obé is that when I can’t exercise to a live class, I can easily access a ton of on-demand options to watch whenever I have the time! That and the fact that the amazing obé trainers are always willing to connect on social media really plays a huge role in motivating me and helping me to stick to my goals! I can’t emphasize enough how much obé works to set a true fitness family type atmosphere. It feels like, hey, we are all in this together! From connecting on social media with staff, to the awesome accountability Facebook group, obé really seems to want people to connect, to be healthy, and to have lots of fun doing so!

Anything else the obé fam should know about you?

I use to compete in pageants, most recently at Miss United States in 2016. Between that and being an athlete most of my life, I have tried what seems like every form of exercise known to man and have struggled from burnout a time or two. I am very thankful for obé for providing fun, uplifting, and EFFECTIVE workouts that have helped me get past that burnout. I recommend obé to friends often and everyone always says how much fun it is. So THANK YOU!

What’s your IG handle, so we can all follow your obé journey? 

My IG handle is @HeelsandRacing

What’s something you’re currently obséssed with? 

I am obsessed with basketball! Now that the NBA season has finally started, if I am not training, I am usually watching basketball. Whenever a Brooklyn Nets’ game is on, I always look for obé’s very own Kathryn Avery dancing on the court! A few of the other obé trainers are NBA dancers as well, which makes me love obé even more, haha! Oh, and now that it’s Fall, I have been kind of obsessed with hot tea too! Pumpkin Spice everything y’all 😜.


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