Bio: Get ready for spice, because working out with Peter will give your day that extra jolt of energy you definitely needed. Peter’s dance combos and sculpt classes will get you hot and sweaty, and his wild sense of humor may just make you laugh till you cry. He is, well, shameless—and in the best possible way (seriously, he can charm just about anyone…). So be ready to work hard—Peter means business—but trust us that he’ll also have you cracking up along the way. 

Level Up Strength with 3-5lb hand weights & resistance loops

Sweat: Follow-along dance cardio. Designed to elevate your heart rate, enhance your coordination and increase your stamina. When in doubt, dance like nobody’s watching!

Define: Build full-body strength through dynamic, functional movements. Looking to level up? Add 3-5lb weights and/or resistance loops.


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