Yoga 101 With Eve

by Eve K

Starting a yoga practice is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself. And while a lot of people have come around to recognizing that, taking the first step toward building a practice can be overwhelming. I get it! New can be scary and, for so many, yoga is unfortunately outside of the “comfort zone.”

I’m excited to share a few tips on how to dip your toes into the pool of yoga, including all the incredible benefits your practice will bring into your life!

  1. Yoga in Sanskrit means union. It is simply an opportunity to connect. To other souls practicing with you. To your SELF. Mind to body. Breath to movement. If you see your goals as finding connection, calming your nervous system and nurturing your spirit as opposed to hitting the perfect trikonasana pose or getting deeper into your forward fold, you’ll find success faster and feel grounded in your practice. It’ll bring you back to your mat sooner which is the most important part of building a practice!
  2. It’s not about what you can do, but what you BELIEVE you can do. Remember your body may not easily fit into all these shapes and poses today, but visualizing your body into that direction and breathing space into yourself to open to it will allow you to get there sooner. Be patient with yourself!
  3. Any class can be a beginner class. Remember your breath. Remember to rest (in a child’s pose) whenever you need to take a break. Remember that whatever you bring to your practice is more than what you would have brought to the world if you chose to sit on your couch instead 😉
  4. Yoga is about breath and alignment. It is NOT about perfect. If you connect your poses, focus on your flow, and give your mind a break from the world, you’ve done yourself a service. See your yoga as your moving meditation and it’ll serve you each and every time you show up to your mat.
  5. Remember that each of us has our strong suits and our challenges. I was super flexible my whole life, but hadn’t built the strength I needed to find balance. Lots of super strong yogis can hold poses, but can’t open their hips (where yogic tradition dictates that we hold our emotions). The key to a strong practice (and balanced life) is knowing your work and then committing to doing the stuff that your body pushes back on. That’s our indicator that we have an opportunity to change and learn.


Ready to dive in? Catch Eve’s Beginner Yoga Flow here

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